Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I Shouldn't Be Blogging

I shouldn't be blogging. No. I should be taking pictures of foods my daughter likes to eat and I should be taking that disposable camera with film in it which has the pictures in it in to the drug store to be developed and on the way to getting the pictures I should be stopping off at the copy place to make a photo copy of my son's birth certificate. I think I already have my daughter's, but I better double check because I may have lost it when I lost the forms that went with it which I filled out two weeks ago but then forgot to bring in because I was worried about applying to a special public elementary school for "gifted" children and I'm sure my kids are gifted but I'm also pretty sure they're not gifted in quite the way they need to be to get into this particular elementary school which only accepts children so gifted that I was nervous sending in the application for fear that it was so obvious that the mom sending in this particular application wasn't nearly gifted enough to have a child who'd warrant acceptance at this school. Then, instead of looking for the lost forms, I looked up the artsy cool public school closer to home where I'd love a child of mine to go and I tried to download that application and after the downloading failed three times I finally got it to work (I don't know how I did that) but when I did it turned out the application was from last year and when I called I learned they still don't have the new application procedures ready which is fine because I'm not in a rush but acceptance is through a lottery and I want to make sure I have the best chances of my kid getting in which means I actually have to submit the application and not just fervently pray to win the lottery as I do with the real lottery even when I don't buy a ticket, which is always, and I just don't want to forget about the application like I keep forgetting to bring the food pictures in to my daughter's classroom. Luckily, my son doesn't need to have pictures of foods he eats brought in to school, but if he did, now, I'd be ready. If only I'd stop blogging.

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