Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Amnio or Not

The persistent Andrew Sullivan has asked the burning question: Why would Sarah Palin even have an amnio if she's so pro-life? There are many answers offered up on his web site, and I myself even sent one in.  But one point I made in my email to Sullivan is the decision to have this test is so personal that it's not worth discussing.  But Sullivan seems bent on proving that Palin makes bizarre decisions.  Granted her decision to fly back from Texas to Alaska when she found out she was in labor was bizarre, but it doesn't really matter.  

The reporting of her fiscal mismanagement matters. Her cronyism and secretiveness as a governor matter.  Her positions on creation and the environment matter.  And her pro-life position matters inasmuch as she would no doubt support the appointment of those who would overturn Roe v. Wade and put those judges forward herself.  

What I don't get is what Sullivan is hoping to get out of this line of questioning.  It only feeds the right's fire that anti-Palin forces are going after her family life unfairly.  Her family may be up for grabs, but her medical decisions?  Like Roe v Wade says, those are private.

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