Sunday, September 14, 2008

Say Yes to the Dress

My friend Nicole is getting married.  I'm her honorable person.  In fact, I might be so honorable, I could very well end up marrying Nicole and her beloved Louis.  

When we first started talking about what I'd wear to the big event, I was all, "I could wear my beautiful black blouse with this black satin pencil skirt I have."  And she was like, "I don't want to get married by an undertaker." Considering that we live in New York City this felt like a bit of an overstatement, but, whatever, I take her point, even though that's just what I wore when I served as an officiant at another friend's wedding.  I admit I felt a little too clerical in my black getup the first time around, but still, I wasn't told not to wear it.  Which is why I was kind of amused by this article in the Times today (fortunately I read the Palin article the night before so I was done weeping).  It's all about brides who tell their guests what to wear.  Now, Nicole is too serious about throwing a good party to insist on a dress code, but still, having been told what not to wear, it resonated.

But the good news is I lucked into a completely fabulous party dress. It's purple, it's Grecian, it's got an Empire waist yet it still shows off my curves yet it has a swag of fabric over my center which is the perfect camouflage for what's sometimes known as my stomach but also could be called the most unfortunate side effect of having had twins. And best of all?  It was on secret sale.  Seriously.  There I was, ready to pay $150 more than I wanted to, and when I brought it up to the register, the guy said, "Oh! It's on sale!"  How amazing is that? Clearly, I had to say yes to the dress.

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