Friday, September 19, 2008

The Perfect Tuna Melt

For lunch today, I had the perfect tuna melt.  It was at a diner and I was meeting a friend and I didn't really know what I'd want and in those instances at a diner I usually get a salad but today it's a little chilly and I didn't want a salad.  I went for the tuna melt.  It was open faced and on whole wheat; butter had been swiped along the bottom of the bread. The tuna was creamy perfection and the American cheese on top was just so.  After I at the third quarter, I knew I was full, but I looked at that last bit and I thought, "I just can't say no to you," knowing it would probably be a good long while before I indulged in the melty mayonnaise-y-ness of the tuna melt again.  And I was glad while I was eating it, but now I think I really shouldn't have.  I feel a little queasy, and even if it'll be a good long time before I eat another one, that's no reason to make myself queasy in the here and now.

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