Monday, September 15, 2008

How I Feel About Food

Back in on the early side of my mid-twenties, I didn't care so much about food.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it, a lot.  I thought I knew something about it (doesn't everyone?) but I wasn't that interested.  I didn't like to cook and I wasn't very good at it and basically my head was just taken up with a whole lot of other things besides what I'd make for dinner.  Then I got much closer to my friend Melissa, then she taught me to cook, and then I thought I'd left behind my blase-food days forever.

Turns out, not so much.

Because right now it's early September and I don't even care what's new at the farmer's market.  Today it occurred to me that I might have missed Concord grape season, and you know what I felt?  Nothing.  The other day a friend described a perfectly gorgeous, spontaneous, and simple roast chicken involving plums and garlic and for two days I was jonesing to make it and then the heat of the weekend just fried that good feeling right away.  And here's something else: For some time now I've wanted to make the four grain pancakes in the Joy of Cooking, but I just can't seem to buy the oatmeal.   No,t hat's not a typo, I meant to write Oatmeal.  I can never remember to get it and when I do I panic over what kind - quick cooking or traditional? What's happened to me?

Granted, there's a lot I have to get done right now and I've been sick for the past two weeks and the week before that my daughter was sick and didn't sleep and as a result of all this my brain in general is a bit jumbled.  But still,  I go to Yummy Mummy and I feel like the biggest loser.  Don't even get me started on the links or the blog roll.  How do all these people manage to care as much as I care about chocolate chip cookies about all the food they make?  How do they manage to shop for all those ingredients, never mind blog about their food extravaganzas?  The other day I threw away a year old, half-eaten bag of banana chips and I felt accomplished in the food department.

Maybe when we start wearing sweaters again I'll feel like recipe books are my friends again.  Until then, do you think I can convince my husband that married people have cereal for dinner, too?  


The Yummy Mummy said...

So funny, Robin.

Because every time I come over here and read your smart, thoughtful political essays and musings, I think "Wow, Robin has twins and a husband and a life and a book in progress and she is so passionate about the world and politics and I've barely read a paper all week or changed my underwear. How does Robin do it?"

That's what I've been thinking. Those words almost exactly like a ticker in my head.

Here's what I propose: We get together for a play date with a couple bottles of wine. We let the kids tear up the house. I cook. You talk politics. Together we make one whole competent, sane, well-fed, clean underwear wearing woman.

Thanks for the lovely plug and for even mentioning me in the same post as Melissa Clark.


Robin Aronson said...

I LOVE that play date!!!! I'd Love to get together an with wine make a whole sane person. It'd be so nice! Let's get on that....because I'm also totally psyched that you cook.