Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Convention

I watched it. I mean, I had to leave the room when Giuliani was on, but I sat through Romney. And I watched Palin, and I was knitting and I think I might have to take everything I knit out because I think I must have started knitting really tightly and now my head hurts. So please, go read some Andrew Sullivan. I noticed that scrunchy thing Palin does with her face, too.


roni said...

I worked late and couldn't watch it live, so my husband Tivo'd it for us to watch together. We had to forward through Giuliani and Romney when we couldn't take it any more. It took us almost an hour to get through Palin's speech because my husband would pause it when he felt moved to respond to some of her ridiculous claims (e.g., being against the Bridge to Nowhere).

Robin Aronson said...

I can't imagine being able to pause that speech. It was well written and well delivered, and she got off some good rhetorical points, but it was completely lacking in substance and the bit about "and Obama's worried about reading them their rights"? When McCain was a victim of torture? Unconscionable. McCain has sold his soul to the religious right and I hope enough of the electorate isn't buying.