Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update: Cookie

I made the cookies. They are, without a doubt, gorgeous. Truly. Right out of the oven, they tasted pretty yummy, but just slightly dry. To me. My husband would say that's crazy. I baked a second batch this morning. My cousin C. told me they weren't even close to dry (I made sure to shorten the bake time). Still, 24 hours after I baked the first batch, the cookie I had tonight with my tea was definitely dry. I know these are meant to be eaten fresh, but just a day later, I feel like the cookie should have been better. All this to say, I probably won't make them again. But you never know. And I'm glad I made them once.

Note: I just asked my kids if they preferred these cookies or "the other ones" (those would be the cookies from the recipe posted below). In unison, they said, "the other ones." "You should make more of those," Helen told me. And so, I will!

Note 2: Full disclosure. I just baked the final bit of batter. This time, I got the baking time right and ate the cookies warm, as directed. I may have to make them again, but next time, I'm going to see about freezing the batter. Because if I can't freeze it, or the cookies, successfully, there's just too much of it. But I'm still annoyed by the article.

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