Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Few Seconds of Panic

Last night my husband and I went to a reading by our friend Stefan Fatsis, who wrote Word Freak about competitive Scrabble and whose latest book, A Few Seconds of Panic: A 5-foot-8, 170 pound, 43-year-old Sportswriter Plays in the NFL, has just come out.

Stefan is funny and charming and competitive and realistic. When asked what he learned about himself on his "journey" into the world of professional sports (he became a kicker for the Denver Broncos) he balked a little and then said something like, "I learned what I could do if I really put my mind to it, and I learned what I couldn't do. And that sucked but there it is."

Now, this morning, I was about to tumble into a fit of despair because my friend N.'s downstairs neighbor has done something that deep down I wish I could do but I know I could never do. I don't mean to be coy, but I also don't feel like going into the details. All this to say, this morning, I need to focus on the thing I can do, and do well at that, and acknowledge that it sucks that I can't do the other thing, but there it is.

We've all got our thing, and I've got to do mine. Not hers. Even though hers is cool. And she's really pretty. But what can you do? I've got to do my thing, and I've got to read Stefan's book. You should, too. Even if you don't like football.


Sue Dickman said...

I'm sorry to interrupt your few seconds of panic to talk about chocolate chip cookies more, but I wasn't sure if you were still looking at comments on past posts.

The lovely Orangette has written about those NY Times chocolate chip cookies in her blog post this week. She is in favor (in fact, she loved them), though she didn't use the fancy flour combo. Pretty much everything she writes about, I want to make, so this might mean I have to try the cookies.

Robin Aronson said...

I admit Orangette makes those cookies sound nearly irresistible. I thought I had an electronic version of my personal favorite cookie recipe, but it seems I don't. I'll post it tonight, though, I promise. I still maintain that the quality of the cookie notwithstanding, the article had some serious shortcomings.

BTW, I've gotten good flat chocolate disks at Williams Sonoma. I was thinking the other day if I did try the recipe, which I thought I might because I can't resist a new recipe, no matter what.