Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kids at a Wedding

So, this post on Jezebel about whether or not kids should be allowed at a wedding was kind of funny. Guess what? Some people say yes, some people say no. What a surprise!

Some weddings are sophisticated cocktail events where a child in diapers would be as welcome as, you know, a child in diapers, and others are come as you are pot-luck afternoon picnics where the more messy mouths to feed the merrier.

The people throwing the shin dig (and let's hope that's the bride and groom) get to decide on the tone and the guest list.

Some guests are put off when "No Kids" is right on the invitation (granted, the baldness of the statement is rude), and some brides and grooms are put off when people just assume their children are invited, even if only adult names were on the invitation (granted, the baldness of the assumption is rude). In the end, everyone won't be happy - how could they be? it's a wedding! But hopefully, everyone can still have some fun.

How's that for a meaningful post on a hot July day when Obama is tacking right and hoping on one notices?

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