Monday, July 21, 2008

The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie

A few weeks ago, I read the Muriel Spark novel A Far Cry from Kensington. As with other Spark novels I've read, I was impressed, engaged and left wanting just a little bit more. Then I read a few of her short stories in All the Stories of Muriel Spark and because I'm very sentimental and sensitive, I couldn't keep up. She is an unflinching writer, and the first story in the collection is amazing, but the two following were a little brutal with not enough pay off for me. So I put the stories down. Then I picked up The Prime and I was amazed. It's concise, unflinching (as always), perfectly crafted, cruel and generous and heartbreaking and sympathetic all at once. Now I've got to get the movie.

As for those cookies, I'm planning on mixing up some batter tonight or tomorrow night and popping it in the fridge. Hopefully, in 36 hours, it will be cool enough to bake.

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