Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mole

I was casting around this morning for something blog-worthy. Would I blog about the weird should-I-worry-or-what situation the New York Times presented this morning? First I read the long news analysis of the cooling passions in the Middle East. Then I read Benny Morris' op-ed about the inevitability of an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities in the next seven to nine months. Morris says it's to prevent a regional nuclear war, but the new analysis says the saber rattling is just old hat. So, now what? Do I wring my hands worrying about the attack or wave them in glee that diplomacy might be winning the long wars?

Then I thought well maybe I'd write something about what Barak Obama had to say to Glamour editor Cyndi Levine about the attacks on his amazing wife Michelle Obama. But guess what? He doesn't like them! You know what? Me, either!

Finally, on, I followed the link to the LA Times to read the full story about Sarah Jessica Parker's recent mole removal. If you don't know, or can't remember, Sarah Jessica had a big mole on her chin.

Now, I have two big moles on my face, one above my left eyebrow and one under my left cheekbone near the edge of my face. I have a third sort of big mole on my right chin, but the two on the left side of my face are really quite large. My kids call them my "buttons." I've always had them. Last year I had them checked out (for weird cancer) and once again I was told they're basically too big to be fully removed. Dermatologists offer this information without me even asking for it. Like, I must be there to have the things taken off, right? Wrong. I just don't want them to, like, morph into cancer and kill me. Honestly, after suffering from Sarah Jessica overload what with the Sex and The City promotion and what not, I feel kind of badly for her. At 43, to get rid of a mole to make yourself look better to, like, Maxim (which named her the unsexiest woman of the year last year) seems kind of sad. Not to be condescending, but it's got to be kind of painful to live that way. Maxim's idea of sexy isn't everything, or anything, really, just like a big honking mole is no big deal.

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