Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wage Gap

Men really do earn more money than women. This post on Jezebel breaks it down, because, of course, nothing about the wage gap is straightforward and the information needs breaking down. In the end, the discussion circles back to women and children and how families function. One commenter somewhere claimed that women make choices to work less when they have kids. As the Jezebel blogger Anna North writes:

"Claiming that women's unconscious choices are responsible for all gender inequalities is a pretty ingenious gambit, because it's hard to argue against. If these decisions are truly unconscious, and we don't even know we're making them, we'd better leave it up to dudes on the Internet to explain our lives to us. Problem solved! Except that by buying into such logic, men end a discussion about work-life balance that could benefit them too, and managers continue underusing and discriminating against half their workforce. The pay gap actually costs everyone — it's too bad not everyone sees it."

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