Friday, April 9, 2010

On the Vaccine Side of the Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Split

I don't know why I read this piece on how sad Anna at Jezebel was about the Jim-Jenny split. Two things about it interested me: (1) She's right that as a couple they were more interesting and appealing than each single; (2) Check out the comments. At least two people had what to say about McCarthy using her position (as the partner to a more famous person) to undermine vaccinations and spread false views about autism. Of course, McCarthy was spreading questionable ideas about autism and vaccines and getting plenty of press for it before she got together with Carrey. Her relationship surely helped her self-designated celebrity spokes-person-on-autism-and-vaccines role but it wasn't just Carrey's fame that mattered there. Carrey and McCarthy seemed genuinely connected. It looked like they took their blended-family life seriously which gave McCarthy an aura of seriousness she wouldn't have otherwise had. Still, no matter her partner, I'd bet that Jenny would've held tight to her autism story and promoted it as much as she could.

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