Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauty & Dr. Steven

Of all the Playmobil characters who live in our house, and there are many, the two most important are Dr. Steven, a surgeon, and Sleeping Beauty, a princess. There are others who warrant names -- Emergency Joe, Sarah, and Julie, for example -- but no one comes close to the two lead characters. Out of the blue Helen might say, "Dr. Steven! Dr. Steven!" and Elliot will, from another room, come running over and breathlessly answer, "Yes, Sleeping Beauty?"

Over the last few nights, Dr. Steven's importance has grown because Elliot started bringing Dr. Steven to bed. For two of the last three nights, I was asked to put on Dr. Steven's pajamas -- a bit of toilet paper wrapped around his body. So far, Elliot hasn't rejected the pajamas, but he has given them long hard looks before accepting them. After the pajamas go on, Dr. Steven joins us for story time. Last night, Dr. Steven told me, "Robin, (Dr. Steven only calls me Robin) I'm tired."

Honestly, I like Dr. Steven; Sleeping Beauty, too. They've got great personalities and even though sometimes they make a bit of a mess, they don't eat much and are always polite. I hope they stick around for a while.


marjorie said...

ahaha, i like "Emergency Joe" myself.

Robin Aronson said...

Emergency Joe does great work and often doesn't get enough credit. We almost lost him in the ocean in Florida recently, but, luckily, Rescue Worker Helen saved him.

Nicole said...

this is a lovely post!

Robin Aronson said...