Monday, April 26, 2010

Kids & Boring Food

OK, I was skimming along this fairly predictable essay about kids who like to eat the ten things they like to eat and a parent who despairs and then I hit this:

"Of course the only important question is whether by trying to turn my child into a foodie I found another way of turning him into a food neurotic. When Adam was 5, and eating hardly more than pasta, cheese, broccoli and Cheerios, we did talk to a child psychologist. She laughed: “Not eating is a problem. Boring tastebuds are not.” Perhaps my expectations were utterly unrealistic, and my complaints a cause of tension and, thus, the problem?"

Um, perhaps. The writer goes on to say that he's "lightened up a bit" and now he's gone to some sushi bars with his son. Well, there you go! (Thanks to Yummy Mummy, I think, for the link.)

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