Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrity Marriage

If I'm going to read about celebrity marriages and their woes, I'd like to read what Rebecca Traister has to say. Reading her article in Salon about Bruce Springsteen and his alleged dalliance was nice and easy and didn't make me feel like I had to go rince out my eyes with soap. For example:

"Apparently, at the height of their supposed liaison, local whispering about Springsteen and Kelly got so disruptive that Ann's father urged her to quit the gym. Hear that? Quit the gym. As opposed to quitting Ambien, random cocktail waitresses, call girls, the campaign for the American presidency, or couch sex at your office with a tattoo-covered woman who was not your wife and had a thing for the Third Reich."

It's not right, any kind of affair Springsteen may have had, and Traister doesn't say it is. But it is, like Traister says, kind of a relief

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