Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it All in a Day's Work for a Doula?

On Slate there's an article about doulas working with women having abortions. I found it compelling. There are so many situations we face, particularly in health care settings, when we feel alone and isolated making a miserable situation even more awful. Why not have someone nearby who can help you out? Marisa Meltzer, who wrote the article, writes:

Doulas can do one thing that a friend or boyfriend cannot: They're allowed to be present during surgery. The abortion doulas are trained volunteers with the clinic—they wear scrubs, undergo training, and are covered by the clinic's insurance. Even if they're not imperative, ultimately, they don't do any harm—and in many cases they're welcome, comforting additions to an abortion process that can be pretty terrifying. As Lauren Mitchell, the other Doula Project co-founder, points out, "Surgeries are scary even in the best of circumstances, and if you add to that the huge social and cultural taboos that surround reproductive healthcare, it would seem a logical extension to expand the doula model of care to work with people who have chosen abortion."

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