Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staggering Towards a Schedule

Today was the day. My daughter finally started school, our sitter would be in, I'd have hours, hours, during which I could get nothing, absolutely nothing done except maybe hop around online with that familiar and vaguely pleasant tension in my back that says: "You should just sit and read something. Anything. Start to finish. Don't click that link. It'll mean you won't finish what you're reading. Remember you couldn't even start Daniel Deronda in June because the opening scenes involved gambling and that made you nervous? You should get over it. Right now. Get up. Go home, start Daniel Deronda again, and then blog about it, because you've got nothing to say about Max Baucus' health care plan, which Rachel Maddow said was full on concessions to Republicans who wouldn't vote for it anyway and who are you to argue with Rachel. And you have even less to say about Joe Wilson, because everyone else has said so much, none of which you've read because you followed that link. You've got nothing but time and Daniel Deronda."

But in truth, I've had no time today, I'm not going to restart Deronda, and now I'm about to be late. So it goes.


Nikki said...

Wait, are the kids going to different schools? I haven't checked your blog in a while? How are you?


Robin Aronson said...

Yes, the kids are in different schools, which won't be so bad logistically, although it is complicated in many ways. Hopefully when everyone is settled in it'll be all right.....Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

Robin! so glad you're back!! and Happy New Year indeed! ok. enough exclamation points. do your kiddos mind being in different schools? i have been wondering about this as it pertains to twins/twin psychology...L&N just started at a new school and L is having some hard time with the adjustment; it is pretty much the most amazing sight ever to see N's concern for her - as we're leaving he puts his arm around her shoulder and grabs her hand.

finally and again, welcome back. i missed reading your musings (i should write more bc i have gotten some great book recommendations from you!)

Robin Aronson said...

Hi there Carolyn! I'm sorry L is having a hard time with school -- but it's so nice that N is there to help her out. I think my kids had a hard time with the idea of the separation. Last year they were in different classes, and it was harder on Helen, but both eventually did well in their respective rooms. This year things are getting better quickly mostly because Elliot's school is such a good match for him. I think it's impossible to make anything seem truly "fair" with twins --and it's hard to separate what I wish (that they could be in the same school) from what's real (that they have very different needs that wouldn't necessarily be met by the same school). I'm sorry I haven't been better at being back--we are away over the weekend--but hopefully I'll find a groove next week. Thanks again for the warm welcome! Good luck with the school adjustment.