Sunday, September 20, 2009

As It Sits Dying

My desktop is dying. I hate to write that, because I don't want to anthropomorphize my machinery, but that's what's happening. It's crashing when it falls asleep, it can't connect to the web, it's slowly grinding to a halt. I'm annoyed about this. It's not just the fact that soon I'm going to have to buy a new desktop--it's that the desktop was probably programmed to stop working within a certain time frame so I'd go out and buy another one. Enforced obsolesense or some such, which means unnecessary garbage, because if the computer kept on working, it'd keep on doing most of what I needed it for. What do I need it for? Babar on You Tube, Etsy when I should be asleep, Ravelry when I'm trying to stay away from Etsy, obssessive email checking, occassional blogging. I don't really need all that. In fact, without all that stuff I do on my computer at night, I'd read and sleep more and that would be fantastic. So I don't know what I'll do about the clunker in my bedroom. Maybe if I sleep on it, I'll come up with the perfect solution.

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