Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The ScanPan

A few weeks ago, I bought a ScanPan. It wasn't nothing, dollar-wise, but every time I use it, every single time, I am glad. The pan is genius.


Sue Dickman said...

Please elaborate on the wonders of the ScanPan. I had never even heard of them before this very moment.

scanpan said...

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Robin Aronson said...

OK. Well, first let me say I have absolutely no connection to ScanPan. None. No friends, no family, no business connection. Zip. Nada. Nothing free gotten here. I got the ScanPan because I'd stopped using my one non-stick pan because of the carcinogen that's activated at high heat in non-stick pans. I'd read an article a few years back in Cook's Illustrated about a test they did to see if a non stick pan actually got hot enough to release the chemical in regular kitchen use and it did, or got close, so I gave it up. But I needed a non-stick pan and Melissa (Clark) told me the scan pan didn't have the pesky chemical, so I coughed up the $70 for an 11 inch pan (or something like that) -- and can I just say? The thing is beautiful. It's perfectly balanced in the hand and on the stove top and it cooks so evenly....I make a lot of sunny side up eggs for my sun and it's hard in a regular pan to get the thick white part cooked -- not in the ScanPan. The egg is a thing of beauty in the Scan Pan. Honestly, I've had no snafoos, it cleans easily, I'm happy every time I have a chance to use it. If you're in the market for a pan, I recommend it. Obviously.