Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicken Stories

Lately, I've grown tired of chicken. Really, really tired. I would like to go a month without the stuff, but I don't know if I can unless I just embrace being a vegetarian, which I might. Or maybe not. Maybe all I need is a good dare. In any case, apparently, there's both chicken excitement and fatigue afoot and I enjoyed reading all about it. Here's the link in case you would, too.


marjorie said...

we have a chicken next door! a very cute tiny chicken who rolls around like a puppy in the planter in front of the building. her owner says she thinks she's people.

and was that YOU in melissa clark's figgy story today? we have a year-old fig tree so no yield yet, but next year, i hope, i am SO making that fig/stilton/pine nut thing.

Roni said...

Maybe going vegetarian for a month is the 'reset' you need for either enjoying chicken again for finding inspiration to going vegetarian. Throughout the spring and summer I've made a lot of dishes from "Modern Vegetarian Kitchen" (which I didn't realize that Melissa Clark co-authored!) and three weeks ago I roasted a chicken for the first time in ages. BTW, the Frank Bruni post linked in the Atlantic piece was a hoot. He describes eating chicken for four consecutive nights after filing his final restaurant review.