Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hair, Hair, Hair

I'm fairly interested in hair -- the phases and changes women go through with it (long, short, when, why), how women think about, how women think men think about it, more importantly, how they think other women think about it -- the whole thing. And for black women I get that hair is even more complicated. Which is to say I enjoyed watching these clips of Chris Rock and Oprah for a lot of reasons, though I don't think smart Chris is right -- I think men really care about hair.


Carolyn said...

maybe some men do! my husband must not since he aided me in my one act of craziness this week. my hair was way too long bc i never have any time to get a cut. i got out of the shower two days ago, and cut a wet dripping pony tail off. it is weird - and SHORT. the point was supposed to be motivation to make an appointment. it didn't help when everyone at my work said - wow you cut your hair short! it looks really great - but maybe they were just trying to be nice. i seriously have to make that appointment now.

Robin Aronson said...

That's Great! When my kids were three months old I got a really short hair cut. I came home, and my husband's face FELL. When he finally recovered himself, all he could muster was "It's just not what I was expecting."