Monday, September 28, 2009

The Real Problem

OK. Did everyone already read Paul Krugman today? I won't sleep tonight for reading it, but, still, we all need to read what he has to say about climate change.


roni said...

The Krugman column comes 2 weeks after I read an essay by George Shultz called "Protecting the Golden Moment" (from "The World Crisis: The Way Forward After Iraq"). He cites global warming as one of the challenges to a prosperous global economy, but says (infuriatingly) that "the only feasible way to move ahead with global warming is to act piecemeal." What hypocrisy--in the corporate world that I inhabit (and that Shultz no doubt supports), there is frequent talk of "transformation," that bold action effects change and results. And yet a "piecemeal" approach will save us from imminent catastrophe.

Robin Aronson said...

I hear that. I expect they, the corporate hoo-has, think the piecemeal approach will protect short term quarterly returns. Only what will money buy us when we're fighting wars over water?