Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Call This Spring Break?

My kids have off from school this week, it being the week after Easter, the week of Spring break. Tuesdays I'm usually pretty tied up with them, so today wasn't so different from any other Tuesday, except for this: It was freezing. Not bone-numbing freezing, just damp and colder than you'd want it to be if you were tromping through Central Park to get to the Carousel, as we were. Colder than you'd want it to be if you were climbing up the great big rock next to the Carousel as we did. Actually, it wasn't exactly cold as much as damp. If the temperature had been what it was purported to be (in the low fifties) and if it had been sunny, I'm sure we all would have been so excited about the weather. As it was, we endured it. And, frankly, it seems like all we do these days is endure the weather. I'm so tired of it. Could someone please send a memo to the weather gods alerting them that March actually ended a few weeks ago? I even got in a fight with my husband the other day when I insisted that it was April that came in like a lion and left like a lamb. But lion, lamb or otherwise, this April is just so cruel.

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