Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dreams of Susan Boyle

Last night, my husband played the Susan Boyle clip from You Tube. I hadn't heard of Susan Boyle, and, of course, I wept. What a thing, what a dream. Of course, as Andrew Sullivan pointed out today with a link to a Roy Blount article on tone deafness in The Atlantic in 1982, hers is not a dream some of us can dare to dream. Because some of us can't and won't ever be able to sing. And, honestly, not only can't I sing, I can't really stay awake much past eleven o'clock at night. Even when I was young(er) I couldn't. You can't really be a singer if you can't stay up past eleven. No matter how good you are, there will be a late set. And then there might be some other kind of something after the late set, "jamming," I've heard it called in bio-pics. Jamming. I'm always much too tired for that.

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