Monday, April 20, 2009

Is It Thirtysomethng Yet?

A good friend of mine turned forty today, and here's what she said about it. She said, "I can't believe I'm turning forty and I'm not fighting against having a thirtysomething life. When am I going to have that life when I have a big kitchen and people drop by all the time even when I don't want them to and I can't believe this is actually my life?"

Part of me thinks this is a New York thing, because until you settle into a certain kind of living situation in New York, everything feels provisional. You're never quite sure what the next move will be, or what will happen with schools, or how you'll make it all work out. Then again, life is uncertain everywhere, and if I remember correctly, I think that's what the show was about, uncertainty draped in secure domesticity. That's mostly what I remember about it -- that and Hope's cheekbones and that I had one friend whose mom -- a very serious and tough-minded lawyer -- referred to the characters on thirtysomething as her "friends."

All this to say, I kind of miss TV shows like that, and I, too, wonder when, or if, I'm ever going to live one. Well, maybe there's still time for that. You know what they say: Fortysomething is the new thirtysomething.

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