Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Long Day's Night

Until I have kids, I didn't really get the idea of a long day's night. But now, after a 1 AM wake up that ended with me blowing up an air mattress at 3:30 to find a place to sleep (long story, fairly boring), I have some idea what the phrase could, or should, mean. And tomorrow, of course, I'm hosting a Passover seder for the very first time, which will be low key and should be quite fun, but a seder means details and right now I'm not so good at the details. And Friday is Good Friday, which turns out to be a holiday for a lot of people. Which is to say the blogging will be a little off this week. I'll try my best. So, happy holidays everyone! Here's to Spring's renewal and our President's approval ratings.

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