Saturday, April 4, 2009

Michelle Obama's Achievement

There's something about this video clip of Michelle Obama's trip to a school in London that makes me uncomfortable. Sure, I got choked up watching it, but when Obama says that nothing in her background prepared her to be the first African American First Lady, I paused and winced, just a little. Because on the one hand, I do not doubt that Michelle Obama was a major contributor to her husband's campaign, not to mention life. On the other, by saying she worked hard in life and that led her to become First Lady, she's saying, in a sense, you work hard, get yourself to the best schools you can, work hard when you're there, get a good job, and then you meet an accomplished and ambitious man from the same great school you went to and marry him. I understand that it's her job to say this, but I don't like it. Obama is an example of so much that's good for and about women and girls. I wish she could or would talk about her achievements beyond her marriage. Maybe she'll get to in the second term. A girl can hope.

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