Monday, March 2, 2009

Sledding Guilt

So, I finally get to the library to work this morning, and I'm late because of all kinds of house-holding, child-rearing tasks, and there's a guy sitting in the study room I decide to use. Fine. He gets up and asks me if it's still bad out. I say it is, it's snowing a little and it just feels, I don't know, gross. He shrugs and says he's going sledding with his kids and I (wince) and say, "Oh you're good. I don't get enough time to work." And you know what he mumbles? He mumbles, "They'll only be three once."

Smug meanie.

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Robin Aronson said...

Many thanks to my Very Good Friend Nicole who told me she heard a 4-year-old in Prospect Park crying because it was so cold and windy and her mom had taken her out sledding. No THAT'S friendship.