Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Didn't Watch the Press Conference

I felt kind of badly about that. I didn't exactly decide not to watch the president, I forgot and then it was too late. But I wasn't all that sorry I'd missed it. Truth be told I've always felt compelled to watch a president no matter the man. Even George W. would get the perfunctory tune-in. I feel like it's my civic duty. Of course, with W. I'd have to turn the TV off fast, but still, I'd turn it on. So last night when I remembered to tune in to the after-shows with the talking heads, I realized that the president is, for me, becoming a regular president and not a "ohmygod Barak Obama is President!" Which I guess is a good thing, but a little sad. The phenomenon, though, reminds me of a song by our friend the extravagantly talented Susan Werner: "I can be anything," she sings with a touch of melancholy, "but I can't be new."

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