Monday, March 16, 2009

Michelle Obama

There's nothing earth-shattering about Jennifer Senior's summing up of Michelle Obama in the new New York magazine, nothing you haven't read somewhere or thought about some way, or recognize from that half conversation you had on the phone the other day. Still, Senior puts it all together well and with a smart easiness. What's interesting to me about Michelle Obama is simply the way she doesn't have to be all one thing. What she's doing in the White House, how she seems to be living, how her priorities are evolving, it all feels believable, genuine, recognizable. I mean, I think should I ever find myself standing next to her I wouldn't say, "Oh, you're so recognizable!" In fact, I probably couldn't say anything at all, I'd be so nervous. But she'd be used to that and I think she would handle my mute awe with a gracious laugh and maybe a knowing joke. I'd look up at her in every way grateful, and she'd probably cluck her tongue and think "another one I have to take care of"(in a nice way) before gliding off to her next assignment. I should be so lucky, right?

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