Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Do Late Bloomers Read?

So I (finally) finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's article about late bloomers in last week's New Yorker (yes, I read it late) and I highly recommend it.  But, I have to say, it did make just a little confused, or even anxious, or maybe anxiously confused.  Here's why: When Gladwell describes Ben Fountain's writing life, he says Fountain wrote from 7:30 to mid-afternoon. Then he got his kids. For many years, while Fountain wrote and didn't publish, he was a stay at home dad.  He stopped writing and then got his kids and then did his household chores.....I guess with the kids?  I guess he didn't have to take them to soccer class? Or when he did he could leave them there and go food shopping? Is that what happens when your kids get bigger?  Gladwell also describes Fountains reading.  He apparently reads a lot and keeps files of things that interest him.  So, here's what I keep thinking now that I'm done with the article: (1) I'd like to read a biography of Cezanne (you'll see, that's not a total non-sequitor; and (2) When did Ben Fountain read? At night? During his writing time?  I don't think this is the takeaway question from the Gladwell piece. Unfortunately, though, it's mine.  

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