Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Blogging Shift

Have you noticed? These days I'm not quite as obsessively reading every insult of Sarah Palin. In fact, I realized last night that I'm reading almost nothing about Sarah Palin these days. As Roni pointed out the other day, the people who show up for her rallies were never going to vote for Obama anyway. As for the top of the ticket: the October descent into slugfest; the stories about McCain's grumpiness (one saying he was grumpy because he's not running the kind of campaign he wanted -- to which I say, oh yes he is! He's running the campaign that he thought would win it for him, and it isn't, we hope); the polls showing good news; it's all just kind of background music to my gnawing anxiety. Anxiety about the financial crisis, about life in cities, about my work, about kindergarten. Whereas most of my anxiety is just a filter for what I read, the anxiety about work and kindergarten for my kids is real and deeply interconnected, because it's hard to worry about both and do what I need to do on each front and getting it all done means letting the election turn into background music. That said, I think I now I have to go check Andrew Sullivan before my day gets going!

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