Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I Learned This Week

What a week. I mean, seriously, what a week.  Here's what I learned this week. I learned if your kid throws up in the back seat of a cab, tip generously.  I learned that Joe the Plumber has an agent.  I learned that New York City public schools really can work if parents get involved, but I've decided this whole choice thing is for the birds.  All schools should just get more money and more freedom to meet the needs of their neighborhoods and communities.  Here's what I've learned: School choice equals one great big headache.

What else did I learn?  Oh, I learned that if I don't read political blogs compulsively (because I have neither the time nor the opportunity) then I must watch political TV at night.  I learned I can get by on even less sleep than I ever imagined.  

And, finally, I learned that when it's your birthday and your daughter snuggles next to you and exclaims to the ceiling, "It's your birthday, mommy!" it really doesn't matter if it's a big birthday like 40 or a small one; when your son snuggles up and gives you a big smoocheroo; and when your husband leaves you sweet  birthday notes, the year doesn't really matter. still matters, but not a great big birthday.


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THANKS!!! Cake tonight.