Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Between Hope & Fear

I've been with my kids all day (it's their birthday! but it's also Tuesday....) so I'm just catching up on the blog-election news and I am now back to full on terror when it comes to this election. This story on Andrew Sullivan about racism, the Jon Stewart clip on the previous post, really, I not only fear the unthinkable loss but I also fear what cycle after cycle of election rhetoric that cultivates divisiveness and fear will mean to this country in the next phase -- no matter who wins.  


roni said...

Happy birthday to your kids! Do you remember anticipating each of your first 10 birthdays? Each birthday was better than the previous one, and even half-birthdays were pretty special. Then they matter less and less until you reach a 'milestone' birthday. Last year, I actually had to stop and think when my doctor asked my age. LOL.

When elections get this nasty, I am honestly amazed that America isn't one of those countries where the opposition party coming to power means supporters of the previous regime must flee the country. I must admit, I am so angry over the "real America" comments that I might be one of those people who are out for red-state blood.

BTW, if you haven't already, don't read Bill Kristol's latest column if you're angry or upset. How the son of two prominent conservative intellectuals can continue to defend anti-intellectual faux populism is beyond belief. But then again, I'm a San Franciscan, so I'm not a real American.

Robin Aronson said...

Thanks!! I absolutely remember how important birthdays were and I'm embarrassed to admit that I've always loved my birthday, even when it's not a milestone, but I still sometimes forget my age! This year, though, I've got a "milestone" coming up. Yipes.

The whole Real America thing is so disturbing, but that Roger Cohen Op Ed comparing this to 1964 did give me some perspective. THough this year I have been wondering about a general coup kind of situation. I'm a little bit with Tina Fey who said something like if McCain/Palin wins she's not sure if she can do the Palin. Because she'd have to check out. From the planet.

But, then again, I'm in NYC, which was American enough for Bin Laden, but apparently not for the real America......