Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debate

OK. Do I even have to write anything? Maybe I do, just because. So here's a question for ya: Have you ever seen a candidate for national office smile so much? Ohhhhh nooooo. And my friend Nicole swears she saw Sarah wink three times? Me, I missed the blinks. But do I believe her? You betcha! And here's a shout out to that guy who Sarah Palin has been listening to since, like, the second grade: Thank you, sir, for understanding the function of the Vice Presidency. Thank you for pointing out that Dick Cheney's idea of the vice presidency really has nothing to do with the constitution. (Not that we have to worry about Sarah Palin hiring David Addington as her chief of staff and expanding the role of the VP even more, but still.) Thank you for having an idea about what you'd do in that office besides "job creation" and "tax relief." (That would be "legislative point person," because someone has to be able to work with Congress.)

After the debate, Paul Begala pointed out that Joe Biden debated for Barack Obama, and Sarah Palin debated for herself. Begala said she was teeing up for 2012, which might be true. But as so many have pointed out, she was primarily saving herself for right now. It doesn't look like she saved her ticket, but with five weeks to go, you never know.

Which is to say, if you get invited to an Obama house party: Go!!!!


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