Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anxiety, Unabated

I'm still terribly anxious about the election. At this point, I've invested Obama with a kind of mythic power, like he really IS the change we need now.....watching him I feel like I do when I see footage of Robert Kennedy from the '68 campaign and think, "What if???" It's horrible, for several reasons. First, I feel like all these good news polls are like buying gifts before a baby is born, that is, I feel like I could fall into a reckless optimism. (No, really, I could!). Second, something terrible could happen. Third, Obama could win, and then I could remain just as tortured as he shows himself to be -- say it ain't so! -- merely human. Granted, I don't think he'll ride into office on a wave of optimism and offer up as his first piece of legislation "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but things will go wrong. They always do. It makes for better stories when they do, but, really, I'd love to go for a while mired in the narrative of uplift. Really, I think it would be good. Right now, though, I'm too nervous to imagine it.

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