Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Strangest Thing

This afternoon I went to Whole Foods at 59th street/Columbus circle, right across the southwestern entrance to Central Park. I never go there on Sundays, but I did today, mostly because I know my kids' best friend, who has a terrible peanut/tree nut allergy, can eat the Whole Foods brand bread and we were out and I like to have it around. So, I was there and I brought my daughter grocery shopping, which I never do, either, and I was struggling into a cab with my big heavy (reusable) bags, and I looked across to the entrance to the park. Usually it's just pedicabs lined up there but today there were tents up for some kind of shopping venue. And among the shoppers I saw a clutch of people in navy t-shirts. I couldn't make out what they said at first -- they didn't look like Obama shirts. And then, as the cab rounded the fountain in the middle of Columbus circle I saw. They were McCain supporters. With, like, signs that said McCain. They may have even said McCain-Palin! I know that 59th street/Columbus circle is, like, the nexus of the upper west side and the fancy tourist district. I know it's also home to international financiers, what with the Time Warner building, Trump tower, and 15 Central Park West all right there. But still! It just never occured to me that a clutch of McCain voters would actually be out, like on the street, in New York City! Which just goes to show, even if you live in the bluest of the blue states, you still have to vote. No matter how blue you think you are. You must. Go blue!

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