Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Implosion (and Revision) of McCain

This article in Politico paints McCain as a man meekly trying to regain control of his campaign and inject some degree of honor back into it. I feel like it's the first signal of what will be the inevitable rehabilitation of John McCain. If, as I hope, he loses the election, he'll take some time to cool off. He'll disappear from sight. He'll travel. Maybe he'll do some humanitarian work alongside Cindy. Then, in time for Palin to announce her 2012 search committee, he and Salter will put out a book in which we'll read about his core beliefs in American exceptionalism and his great errors in the 2008 campaign. He'll decry the message of hate and division Sarah Palin represented. He'll tell us how asking her to be Vice President was an even greater mistake than his involvement with the Keating 5. He and Joe Lieberman will start a post-partisan think tank. The press will fall in love with McCain again, because he's a fallen hero who (again) learned his (humiliating) lesson and who wouldn't be blinded by the tantalizing vision of victory the end of July 2008 gave John McCain? Who could blame him after those five years of torture in Viet Nam never mind his heroic paternity? He'll write another memoir. He'll feel himself exonerated. Nixon could do it, Clinton did it in his way, too. Why not McCain? This is what we're seeing. The end of the end of the would-be-president McCain, the very, very beginning of his next narrative of honor. Stories are nice, after all.

Note: But I don't know how he'll gloss his capitulation on Bush's torture bill. He'll never redeem himself that.

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