Wednesday, April 9, 2008

J. Lo's Weight Loss: UK Version

So, I google "J. Lo's 40 lb weight loss" because I saw, while standing on line to drop off a prescription, a magazine tauting said celebrity's weight loss as something involving "easy work outs," a "no starving yourself diet" and a "secret that will work for you." (Full disclosure: I'm paraphrasing the cover lines because I didn't buy the magazine and can't remember what it's called.) I was infuriated by that cover. Like J. Lo, merely because of her celebrity, had some fabulous weight loss fairy dust. And, you know what? I lost 40 lobs in three weeks after having boy/girl twins. You know how? I had the twins. Between their birth, and sweating, and peeing, and my blood moving around the weight fell off. (I sweated non stop for three weeks straight, not by design. mind you. It wasn't pretty.) No big secret. The other 20 pounds I gained? Not so much. They hung around for a solid year until I went on The Skinny. My encounter with this cover was my first face-slapping celebrities-are-better-than-you-and-me moment. Granted, it came late, but hey, I go local.

But here's the weird thing, when I googled "J Lo 40 pound weight loss" up pops an article in the UK paper The Daily Mail about J. Lo's grueling weight loss regime. Like she's up at 4 AM and working out for three hours a day and plans to participate in a triathalon to "make her babies proud." Like they give a %$!#@.

My point here, though, is what's going on here? In England her weight loss is the result of a grueling regime of diet and exercise and here it's all no-sweat work outs? Is it really American that gave up worshipping the monarchy? (Everything comes back to John Adams, I swear.) Right now, I just feel like hopping the pond, because if the weight fell of J. Lo like it did off me, then someone should just say that. And if she's working hard she should fess up on these shores -- just like Kate Hudson did -- and Kate Hudson was like 24 when she had her son!

OK. I'm done. Except for this: It's J. Lo's job to lose weight, however she does it. It's the press's job to crow about over her weight loss. But I'd Much Rather hear some crowing about some hard work than magic weight loss fairy dust. That's how real postpartum "get your body back" weight loss happens. Hard work, and, you know, sweating.

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