Thursday, April 17, 2008

Domestic Goddess-Update

Monday night, when our kids wouldn't go to sleep and making anything else felt outrageously hard and there wasn't that much in the house anyway, David and I had some of that lasagna from the freezer. Hot, salty, cheesy, perfect. And not so much clean up. Which is to say, the crusade for home cooking continues. In general, it's going pretty well -- as long as I've gone shopping! Truth be told, thanks to Spring weather, I think we've entered the whatever-it-takes-salad-zone. This also means we've come to the season when I-don't-care-if-you-had-salad-for-lunch. Which is to say, if you're married to me or otherwise dependent on me for dinner and it's not cold out and I have a lot of vegetables around, be prepared for a big bowl of something green, maybe with an egg or two in it, or an avocado and sprouts, and some very garlicky, mustard-y dressing. Not so bad, when you think about it

Might I also recommend two recipes recently published in the New York Times by my favorite food columnist?
1) Coconut Fish Stew with Basil and Lemon Grass. I made it --in one pot! -- without basil, because I didn't have any, and it was still delicious.
2) Crispy Tofu with Shitakes and Chorizo, chorizo optional. David was really only interested in this dish when I mentioned the chorizo. Having eaten it, he's much more interested now.


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