Sunday, April 6, 2008

Domestic Goddessness-Again

I have a renewed commitment to cooking new and fresh foods and to sitting down to meals with family members in various configurations. (I'll take any configuration as long as everyone is sitting, not always easy with my children.) I have a deep desire to shop for food with recipes in mind, recipes that will yield not only a tasty dinner but some kind of leftovers. I must maintain discipline with these matters and overcome my essential torpor when it comes to doing anything other than reading cookbooks in the process of food preparation. Cookbooks are nice to read, after all, but without some shopping and chopping, they'll get nothing on your table.
You'll kindly forgive the vague formality of this post as I've just finished watching John Adams and find myself unable to focus on much. In any case, I have this renewed commitment to feeding myself and my family, and yet, and yet, I have very little fresh food in the house, and tomorrow will dawn and I will not have a recipe in hand or mind with which to shop and anchor my week. When it's early spring, is it too late to braise?


Anonymous said...

Ah...The clarity of the weekend, let us know how it holds up with the reality of the week. Early spring is a fine time to braise! Happy cooking!

Roni said...

A braise is perfect for early spring because it's still chilly out. Short ribs and shanks braise easily and can be turned into multiple meals. Serve with mashed potatoes the first night. Shred the remainder of the meat and toss most of it with pasta and veggies the next night. Then take the last of the meat and mix with herbs, some of the leftover braising sauce, and a little flour to hold it together. Shape into little balls, roll in breadcrumbs, pan fry, and you have croquettes.

Robin Aronson said...

Croquettes! That's some serious goddessness....and as for holding onto the clarity of the weekend through the week, it's true - it's so hard! I'll keep you posted on how I/we do!