Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Management-Family Style

I saw the news that Jon from Jon and Kate Plus Eight had an affair on the cover of OK. I didn't believe it, not because I know anything about the guy, but, I mean, he has EIGHT KIDS! Who has the time? I know he's organized, because I've watched a little bit of the show here and there and, believe me, these people are organized, but now that it's been confirmed (see the link), I'm still aghast. It's sordid, of course, and such a terrible betrayal, but it's also, as Sandra Tsing Loh would say (in an Atlantic article I can't get online), a lot of showering.

Then, this morning I started to read about this family with seven kids (two sets of twins), a publicist and eleven gorgeous homes renovated and moved in and out of (most of them) in twelve years. Of course they're getting a reality show, too. I couldn't finish the article, though because really, not only is their reality so far from mine, but it was keeping me from my to-do list that I have yet to make. I can barely organize my meals, never mind assemble paint chips for eleven houses and have seven babies and five pregnancies. There must be some serious flow charts for their days. I just hope there aren't too many showers in their future, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is how real life is meant to be lived. This stuff is not about quality, it's all about quantity. Thanks for reminding me why I read the news less and less these days.

Robin Aronson said...

For these people it seems like nothing is real without attention. It's possible, I think, to have a big family and not be so crass, it's just you don't see the not-crass people on TV.