Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Brownie Failure

Every so often, I make brownies. On mother's day, I wanted to do two things: Go for a run and make brownies. I did both. The run was great. I listened to a disturbing story by James Salter called Last Night (the link is to the download of the podcast; I don't know if it'll work.) and the weather could not have been better. The brownies, too, started out promising. I bought good chocolate, I was prepared for the five eggs, the kids helped and there was no flour to sweep up from the floor. But, I under-baked the brownies. They were in long enough, and when I put in a tester, it didn't come out clean, but it wasn't fully brownied, either. I figured better to have brownies under done than over done. Which is true, except when you can't pick them up. The last time I made this recipe, almost a year ago, I slightly over-baked them, which is why I think I mde the decision I did this time. The good news is if practice makes perfect, next time I make these brownies, I'll be ready for some brownie bliss.

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