Saturday, May 9, 2009

Car Culture Revisited?

I loved this article by Nate Silver about the declining mileage racked up by Americans. In fact, Silver himself predicted how much I'd love it. There's this quote from it:

"For people like me who live in big cities where one does not need a vehicle to get by, there is a certain romantic attraction to this story. Why, if only all those Bubbas could ditch their SUVs, take the monorail to work, and buy their families a bunch of Schwinns, life would be just grand!"

The difference for me and Silver is not only don't i like "Bubbas", I would swap it out for "my brother" (If only my brother could ditch his SUV) and then for the concluding sentence I'd write, " would be just grand and I would be so right!" Sibling rivalry, isn't it grand?

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