Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Foods

Tonight, I was looking through The River Cottage Family Cookbook with my son Elliot, something he loves to do because it not only has pictures of things all cooked (he likes the baked apple especially), it has pictures of things in the making. Chocolate melting, homemade pasta going through a machine, a nice glob of bread dough--it fascinates him, providing him an instant answer to the "what's that?" and the "how do you make this?" that are always on his lips. But here's the thing--while the cookbook made me want to make all kinds of things (easy flatbreads! gooseberry crumble!), it didn't make me want to make dinner. Or even a side dish. And so I start the week with no dinner plans and no big ideas for a dish or two that will take me through two or three meals. Hopefully, I'll find inspiration in the morning, on this side of the pond, and in time to make a list for the supermarket. It's my new resolution: Make a list. Good one, right?

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