Thursday, May 28, 2009

Everyday Cake

I made Orangette's Everyday Cake. Actually, my daughter did a lot of the making and somehow we ended up both AOK at the end of it. (Things always get hairy when it's time to add the flour in batches.) I didn't have yogurt or whole milk, but I did have buttermilk, so I used that. I also used regular Whole Wheat Flour, not the White Whole Wheat Flour orangette had. The cake is very, very.....pleasing. Very pleasing. I feel like it's a little heavy on the baking powder, but I might investigate tinkering with that. Otherwise, it's a cake I'd make again, and I recommend it to anyone looking for an easy cake to make. It'd be nice at brunch, or at a four o'clock snack and it's nice with some tea after the kids are asleep . Plus, it's the first cake my daughter ate without frosting and sprinkles, which, for her and her brother, is usually the entire point of cake.

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