Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Glasses Problem

I now have a very hard time reading without glasses. I find this distressing. I've had reading glasses since I was sixteen, but in the last two months my eyesight has gotten terrible. I don't really know why I'm writing this other than I'm hard up for blogging, having had the kind of day where I kept my kid from napping at 4:45 by offering him chocolate pudding, and I was going to blog about Ayelet Waldman, but then I just got bored. Seriously, I've been so annoyed at her for whining about how provoked everyone was when she wrote something really provocative (that she'd be more upset if her husband died than if one of her kids did) for so long (I first read a teaser of her whining in Real Simple a few months back), that now that my husband brought home an article about her in the Washington Post Style section, I can't even gather my panties in my hand, never mind get them into a bunch. Which is too bad because it's one less blogging topic. Maybe if I'd had my reading glasses it would have helped matters, but as it is, I'm opting for the peace of blurred vision and unfinished articles.

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