Sunday, February 15, 2009


This weekend we went to visit my parents in Providence. My husband and I also started fighting colds. When told my parents this, my mom kept saying, "We have zycam swabs!" The first few times I just nodded, not quite sure if I was hearing English words through the fog in my ears but also not wanting to be rude to my mom. Finally, I ventured into Zycam territory, "What's that?" I asked. Well, apparently it's stuff you swab in your nose (and by doing so you make extra garbage that looks like it's medical but really is just garbage) and if you catch your cold "early enough" then the cold doesn't get to be "as bad." So, feeling like my cold was pretty early on (though I was probably contagious days ago), I decided to give it a go. I for one felt good enough the next day to keep swabing the stuff. (You're supposed to use it every four hours over the first 48 hours of your cold.) I even bought some. I think it might have helped to keep the awful cold that both my kids have had at bay. ButI can't be sure. After all, how do you know how bad your cold would've gotten if you hadn't spent $12-whatever on Zycam?

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