Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Knitting Needles Are Up and Running

If you were wondering how it went last night with the knitting, I figured it out. Once again, the problem was a simple failure to read correctly (how many mistakes are made that way?), and during the unbelievable Top Chef with an elimination that was just wrong, so so so wrong, I made some real headway. I even want to make another cute thing from the same pattern. Phew.


mamele said...

SO WRONG. but it could not end any other way -- if you're the one chef who makes the completely inedible dish, you kinda have to go. huge bummer, since it means stefan has ZERO competition now.

do you read skillet-doux? great top chef blog.

at least carla's a shoo-in for fan favorite. love huh.

Robin Aronson said...

I see your point but still! Tom said the fish was perfectly cooked! I was gunning for Leah (ugh) but either one of the others could've gone and I would've been happy. Just to make up for every overcooked piece of fish I've eaten I would've been glad to see Hosea go.

Is it bad that I kind of like Stefan? And by 'like' I mean appreciate since I'm too mature now to have a crush on the mean asshole AGAIN.

But what about the fabulous Fabio for fan fave -- does he play too easy to get? Is it all about the Love! I do love that she's come on so strong....

I must go check out skillet-doux.

Robin Aronson said...

I just read Skillet Doux and I concede the point that the ending was inevitable, but STILL!!!